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A wide range of services in the power distribution industry
A wide range of services in the power distribution industry

Contestable Works

DNOC is NERS Accredited. This allows the company to carry out contestable works on behalf of customers, so they do not have to rely on the DNOs to perform grid connection works.

DNOC acts as one point of contact for clients from the design stage through to energisation of the project.

DNOC Contestable Works NERS

DNOC prides itself on its expertise in delivering projects to the highest standard, within the timescales allocated, whilst being cost-effective. DNOC has never missed an energisation deadline.

DNOC Contestable Works NERS


DNOC employs a team of highly experienced, specialist electrical design engineers. This allows DNOC to design efficient, cost-effective, robust electrical networks. With its own substation factory DNOC can design and build electrical grid connection systems or networks to meet a range of applications.

DNOC designs and produces all of its technical drawings including protection schematics, single line diagrams, substation plans, foundation drawings, elevation designs, cable route drawings, trench sections, wiring diagrams and many more. The DNOC design team also organises G5/4, P28 and P29 studies, utility searches, geotechnical reports, flood risk studies and earthing designs to be carried out for our clients.

Our bespoke containerised substations have design approval for use within all UK Electricity Companies. They can be produced in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet individual client specifications. DNOC can also design brick and GRP substations as required.

DNOC Design

DNOC determines the best cable routes considering electrical efficiency, wayleaves, safety and installation costs. NERS Accreditation allows DNOC to carry out design submissions and grid connection works anywhere in the UK up to 132kV for private clients or DNOs.


DNOC designs and manufactures bespoke steel containerised substations, and auxiliary components, in a dedicated factory. The substations are designed to meet individual Network (DNO) area requirements and standards. Find out more information on our steel substations and the factory in which they are constructed.

DNOC Manufacture

DNOC can also build brick or GRP substations and electrical structures onsite, depending on local DNO standards and client requirements.


DNOC has a proven track record of installing large scale grid connection projects to a high standard within challenging timeframes.

DNOC employs a highly skilled site team, who have the experience, expertise and knowledge to install complex high voltage systems.

The DNOC site team includes of Project Managers, Site Managers, Senior Authorised Electrical Engineers, Commissioning Engineers, Jointers, Fitters, Electricians and Cable Layers.

DNOC installation services include:

Substation Installation

DNOC can install, commission and energise bespoke steel containerised substations on any site. Alternatively, DNOC can build and install any brick, blockwork or GRP substations. This includes all protection systems, switch gear installation, small device wiring, earthing and associated testing.

DNOC Substation_Installation 1

DNOC Substation_Installation 2

Transformer and Switchgear Installation

DNOC can specify, supply, install and commission any transformers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment that may be required onsite up to 132kV.

DNOC Transformer_and_Switchgear_Installation


DNOC has the civil engineering skills to design and build bespoke foundations to suit any ground condition.

DNOC Groundworks 1

Trenching and Cable Laying

Our highly experienced trenching and cable laying team has installed high voltage cables and associated communication cables for clients and DNOs across the country. DNOC ensures that cables are installed to the correct standards to meet and exceed any local DNO requirements.

DNOC Trenching_and_Cable_Laying 2


DNOC jointers have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to joint and terminate low and high voltage cables.

DNOC Jointing 1

DNOC Jointing 2

Testing and Commissioning

The DNOC commissioning team consists of highly experienced Electricity Company trained Senior Authorised Electrical Engineers and Commissioning Engineers. DNOC has the ability and specialist equipment to commission and test any new electrical infrastructure. This ranges from highly complicated protection systems to long distance new cable installations.

DNOC Testing_and_Commissioning 1


DNOC has considerable expertise in the operation, maintenance, standby fault location and repair of low and high voltage customer electrical distribution networks. DNOC offers operational safety rules, safe systems of work and operational support of customers’ high voltage networks.

DNOC Maintenance

DNOC offers operational training and implementation of safety regimes which encapsulate Distribution Safety Rules.

DNOC writes and implements Operation and Maintenance Procedures and carries out Operational Safety Audits to allow customers to operate their own networks. 

Grid Studies and Connection Applications

DNOC uses extensive experience in the Electricity Industry to offer a variety of studies to determine the feasibility of connecting a proposed new generation scheme to the electricity networks.

DNOC offers a detailed connection feasibility study that identifies the most cost-effective point of connection to the electricity network. This study considers current capacity, voltage rise, increase in fault levels and the reverse power capability of the primary transformers.

DNOC will assess the impact of the proposed cable route regarding third party wayleaves. The proposed connection will be costed and a detailed plan showing the cable route from the site to the point of connection will be produced.

DNOC can obtain a connection quotation from the DNO on behalf of the client. This will be checked against the design. DNOC can challenge the quotation if required. Once the client has accepted the quotation, the DNOC design team will produce a Design Submission and present it to the Electricity Company.

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